Used Cooking Oil Recycling for Restaurants

Ottawa’s Cleanest Waste Cooking Oil Grease Pickup and Recycling Solution for Restaurants!

BREC provides the food services industry with solutions to one of their biggest problem: DISPOSING OF WASTE COOKING OIL AND GREASE. Over the past several years, BREC has developed a collection system that has proven to eliminate or reduces typical problems. This was accomplished by implementing four major improvements compared to historical methods used by our main competitors:

  1. Provide smaller, sealable containers with wider openings.
  2. Remove contents AND entire container during each service call.
  3. Leave freshly cleaned replacement containers with each pick up.
  4. Pick up the waste automatically on a frequent regular schedule.

BREC is the abbreviation of our legal name, Bitroleum Renewable Energy Corp.

BREC is an agricultural waste management company founded in 2008 with head Office in Kanata, Ontario. We are in the business of recycling waste cooking oil so that it can be made into useful products right here in Canada. The waste oil is collected from eating establishments throughout the National Capital Region. We then transport it to our processing plant right here in the Ottawa area, just off the Queensway on Carp Road.

We constructed our business to achieve several goals:

  • Provide better, safer ways for customers to dispose of waste oil
  • Provide the cleanest collection containers in the industry
  • Provide the most dependable oil collection service … ever
  • Recycle every drop of oil collected
  • Keep waste materials out of landfills and sewer systems
  • Explore new ways of generating renewable energy
  • Create local jobs
  • Support other local businesses
BREC pioneered alternative ways for clients to dispose of used cooking oil and grease. Rather than having huge dumpsters that are emptied on demand, we use smaller containers that we automatically pick up on a regular schedule. Unlike our competitors, we remove the containers each time that waste oil is collected. We replace them with freshly cleaned containers. Containers so clean that they can be kept indoors.

This innovation eliminates nearly all of the problems that were formerly being experienced by our clientele. The combination of clean containers, regularly scheduled pickups, and dependable service, accounts for our solid reputation. . As a result, we now proudly provide service to a large discriminating customer base ranging from individual operators to International franchises. We are also under contract to several prestigious property managers.

We recently expanded our facilities and are now positioned to increase our customer base. No business is too large or too small. Just call us at (613) 963-0265 to discuss your needs. We will explain your options and design a program that is guaranteed to satisfy.

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Impressive used cooking oil recycling program. Oil is picked up by friendly staff and a clean oil container is left to be filled.
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Peter Clingen
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Omer Ozal

Restaurant Oil Pickup and Recycling

The following illustrates why BREC has been selected as the service provider for so many discriminating establishments. The result is improved Service, Sanitation, and Safety.

Typical Problem
Icon1Negative Image due to unsightly dumpsters


Icon5Freshly cleaned containers per service call

Typical Problem
Icon4Staff exposed to unsanitary conditions


Icon5Frequently cleaned containers are ready to use!

Typical Problem
Icon8Dumpsters interfere with snow removal


Icon5Smaller footprint – indoor storage possible

Typical Problem
Icon11Spillage issues when servicing dumpster


Icon5Barrels are sealed with steel bands and metal locks

Typical Problem
Icon2Foul odours from rancid dumpster contents


Icon5Remove entire container and clean at our plant

Typical Problem
Icon6Risk of injury transporting oil to dumpster


Icon5Smaller, lower containers – can be located indoors

Typical Problem
Icon9The attraction of vermin and other pests


Icon5Clean containers – indoor storage – sealable lids

Typical Problem
Icon12Slow (or no) response from service provider


Icon5Locally owned and operated – immediate response

Typical Problem
Icon3Property defacing due to dumpster splashing


Icon5Containers with wider, unobstructed openings

Typical Problem
Icon7Forget to call for service – dumpster overflow


Icon5Automatic regularly scheduled pickup times

Typical Problem
Icon10Dumpster takes up one or more parking spots


Icon5Store indoors or in compound

Millions in Insurance Coverage

Liters of Storage Capacity


Materials Recycled

Customer Complaints

Our Cleaning Process

Oil Transfer

Liquid contents are transferred to one of our 10,000 liter storage tanks.

Cleaning Process Begins

After removing any remaining solids, barrels are ready for further cleaning.

Pressure Sprayer

Power sprayer is used to remove oil and grease from inside and outside of each container opening.

Vacuum Cleaning

Inside of each barrel in vacuumed to remove all remaining contents and wash water.


The outside of each barrel is sprayed with a powerful degreaser and then hand scrubbed.

Towel Dried

After rinsing, each container is towel dried.

Grease Trap Service

Join our rapidly growing list of satisfied grease trap customers – and earn extra discounts as a used cooking oil customer too. We now service individual restaurants, hotels, retirement homes and food trucks. Our fully trained friendly technician will clean your grease traps on a regular schedule. We are locally owned so our rates are lower and our service is as you’ve come to expect.
  1. Pre-scheduled flexible appointments
  2. Discounts for becoming an oil customer.
  3. Detailed reporting and preventative maintenance recommendations
  4. $5 Million liability insurance and WSIB compliant at all times
  5. Friendly and helpful customer service

To request a Grease Trap quote or cleaning, please use this form on our contact page and choose Grease Trap Information